Press Release

JAN 18 2023

Dr. Adrian Cheng appointed chairman of Hong Kong Mega Arts and Cultural Events Committee


Hong Kong's Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau announced the formation of the Mega Arts and Cultural Events Committee on January 17. Dr. Adrian Cheng, chairman of ARTA TechFin,has been appointed as the chairman of the committee. 

The committee will advise the government on strategies to attract mega arts and cultural events to Hong Kong as well as the operation of the Mega Arts & Cultural Events Fund. The fund is designed to promote international cultural exchanges and support the global promotion of local popular culture through annual festivals and content for streaming platforms.

Adrian stated the committee will work across different sectors to bring more world-class arts and cultural events to Hong Kong under the directions of "innovation, localization, and sustainability", driving commercial activity and providing opportunities for local creative industries. He said these events will not just be one-offs but rather develop into annual ones that will reinforce Hong Kong's status as an international arts and cultural hub.

As the place where Eastern and Western cultures meet, Hong Kong has strengths in art and culture. We believe the committee will support the development of Hong Kong’s arts and culture scene and facilitate cultural exchanges between mainland China and the rest of the world.