Think Tech, Think People

Culture & Values

We believe that the best results will be produced by the best people working in the best culture. We wish to see these qualities in our people.

Our Core Values

  • We encourage our staff to be decisive and proactive in overcoming challenges, learning new things and striving for success.


What is TechFin

Technology-enabled Finance Solutions

Technology-driven Change

We believe that technology is the key to building a happier and more fulfilling future for all. As technology has continually transformed how we live and do business, it is expected that technology-driven change in the financial services sector will be the next wave. And we aim to be at the forefront of this change.

Transform Traditional Finance

We use technology to transform the traditional financial industry and expand into new services, products and experiences. By placing technology at the heart of everything, we will consistently change, disrupt, challenge and innovate the financial services industry. In the process, we will deliver richer, more creative, more immersive and more valuable client experiences.

Our Ecosystem

Supported by ARTA TechFin’s major shareholder, we work closely with our affiliates within the ecosystem, which comprises our clients, shareholders, business partners and investee companies, to build an inter-connected network that creates value for all.

TechFin vs FinTech

Both TechFin and FinTech companies contribute to the financial industry by providing innovative solutions. The difference is mainly in the concept they do business.

TechFin firms launch new ways to deliver financial services and solutions by thinking like a technology company.


FinTech is where the finance industry starts using technology to offer a better customer experience in traditional financial services.